A family office is an organization that a family with a certain level of wealth sets up to oversee a wide range of professionals across multiple disciplines – taxes, estate planning, accounting, bookkeeping, investing, etc. – to work for them and help them manage and execute their wealth management activities. By hiring a dedicated team of individuals, a family ensures that only their agenda is driving all of the activities. Many family offices manage budgeting, insurance, charitable giving, family owned business, wealth transfer, family governance, reporting and data aggregation and tax functions for the family they serve.

Global Trust Family Office recognizes that each family is unique and individual unto themselves. Our professionals take a holistic approach to designing family office services and solutions around the unique needs and financial goals of each family or individual. Whether it be the selected tax or estate services provided to the family, customized reporting for each family member, or ever important family financial planning meetings, we take the time to understand what each family requires, and provide them with the premier level of service akin to the large institutions, yet at a much more reasonable cost.


  • Independence and objectivity
  • Breadth & integration of services
  • Multi-disciplinary professionals with diverse skills and deep expertise
  • Integration of estate, tax, and investment strategies with the family’s philanthropic goals
  • Comprehensive financial oversight
  • Internal controls and segregation of duties
  • Multi-generational and succession planning
  • Coordination of legal, financial, and professional service providers
  • Negotiation leverage for other service/product providers
  • Creative solutions to financial issues
  • Customized ideas for financial, investment, tax and estate planning strategies
  • Complete confidentiality

Family Office

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An integral part of the relationship between the Family Office and the client family is communication and education. Regular communication assists us in meeting the changing objectives and needs of the family, while education, especially that of the younger generations, helps to solidify the future financial well-being of the family. With that, Global Trust assists with one on one understanding and implementation of budgets, financial planning, investment tax strategies, risk management, and philanthropic responsibilities to help and assure the family that their wealth will continue for generations to come.