At A Glance

  • Independent registered investment advisor

  • Heritage in tax planning and management

  • Integrated team of wealth management experts

  • Traditional value investors

  • Fiduciary responsibility for each managed account

  • Partner in helping clients make smart financial decisions

  • Serving high-net-worth individuals and families, trusts, retirement plans, 401k and governments

  • Commitment to personalized service and individual attention

Independent, Objective Advisors

We take a straightforward approach to wealth management. As independent investment advisors, we are objective in our advice, fee-based and transparent in our operations. We are also flexible in our investing. We have the ability to choose from a wide breadth of investment options, allowing us to capture opportunities while minimizing undue risk.

Client-Focused & Team-Oriented

We bring a multi-generational perspective to financial planning and investment management. We know the questions that need to be addressed, and we understand the sensitivities surrounding estate planning. We also have the collective experience, skills and insight to build both strong relationships and strong portfolios that stand the test of time.

We See The Big Picture

We believe that knowledge is the foundation of good investing. Therefore, we simplify the financial complexities so you can make informed decisions. We also collaborate with your accountant and other financial professionals – or with advisors you select from our trusted network – to help ensure an integrated financial perspective.

Multi-Disciplined & All-Encompassing

We provide a wide gamut of financial services to meet your specific needs. From ad hoc cash management administration to complex trust management, we customize our offering to provide the advice, perspective and support you need for your finances to run smoothly.