A Focus On Tax Minimization

  • Dedicated to preserving capital through investment management and tax management

  • Strive to maximize returns on an after-tax basis when allocating assets, distributing income and planning your estate


Global Trust portfolios enable you to earn the returns that capital markets provide by 1) combining the broad diversification, low cost, and reliable asset class exposure of passive and active strategies and 2) adding value through offering products and designed portfolios that have implemented financial engineering, trading, diversification, and asset class integration into strategies to maximize return within the portfolio’s unique risk environment.

Active Asset Allocation

Structure, or asset mix, determines most of the performance in a diversified portfolio. We take a disciplined approach to choosing asset classes to play different roles in your portfolio based on your specific risk tolerance and your goals. We adjust your allocation as your situation changes, always looking for a balanced portfolio.

A Non-Traditional Approach

Prudent investing is a rational process. It involves deciding how much risk to take, then choosing asset classes to match your risk-return trade-off. We are not a traditional investment manager. Rather than analyzing individual securities, we invest by deciding how much stock to hold versus bonds, how much small or large stock to hold, or how value- or growth-tilted the stocks should be. We structure strategies based on scientific evidence rather than speculation or commercial indexes. As a result, our clients achieve more consistent portfolio structure.

Dynamic Portfolio Engineering

Science-based portfolio engineering allows us to creatively enhance returns. We take a flexible, innovative approach to investing to offer consistent, fully diversified exposure to the risks that drive long-term returns. We identify risks that bear compensation, choose how much of these risks to take, and then strive to minimize the risks and costs traditional approaches impose. Many of our funds permit deviations from market cap weightings and allow for the integration of stocks among asset classes. This flexibility also allows us to reduce transaction costs from counterproductive trading. For example, asset classes defined by size, a slightly higher hold, or “buffer” range, allows these funds to hold securities that commercial indexes are forced to sell, which reduces turnover and can increase returns.

Low-Cost Investing

We are very cost conscious when making investment decisions. Because of this approach, we are able to provide a much better return. Costs at all levels will negatively affect portfolio returns. The best way to attack cost is through cost internally generated through products. Here, we focus on fund expense ratios, attempting to provide the lowest possible expense ratios without sacrificing a fund’s quality. We also eliminate all other fund costs we believe add zero value, such as loads and 12b-1 fees.

Open, Ongoing Communication

To make sure your plan stays on track, we keep you informed about your portfolio and stay current on your objectives. We meet regularly with you for performance reviews and on an ad hoc basis as situations change. From our continuing discussions, we adjust our strategy and your portfolio accordingly, based on market dynamics and your evolving needs. We view wealth management as a true partnership.